the adventures of
s/v caribbean soul


This is the web home of Donna & Dennis Fria aboard their cruising sailboat, Caribbean Soul!

Here you will find our adventures as we live them, complete with photos of us, our boat, and the places we’ve visited, and thoughts about the places we  plan on visiting.

While we may not be able to upload our stories and photos on a daily basis, we anticipate weekly updates - provided we are able to connect to the internet.  Don’t be surprised if we’re not able to follow a weekly schedule, though, as we may not be able to connect due to our location, or we may just be having too much fun! Always remember what Commander Cody sang:  “There’s a whole lot of things that I’ve never done, but I ain’t never had too much fun!”

If you’d like to communicate with us our e-mail address is (Dennis) or (Donna).  Please remember that large files, containing your photos, may be very difficult for us to receive, due to limitations of the places we may be (meaning no high-speed access).

Also, the link found on this page has our current position, courtesy of our SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger.  By clicking on the hot-spot here you can visit Google Earth and actually zoom in on our location and share in our fun!

There is another link here which provides information about our sailboat’s specifications and measurements and includes a few photos of our floating home.

On the Ship’s Log page you will find an RSS field which, if you enter your email address, will automatically send to you our most recent update, and will keep you from continuously entering our site only to find nothing new.  Try it!

Come to ‘de islands, mon!